A Beginner’s Guide On How To Maintain Your Spa

Maintaining a spa should never be too difficult and time-consuming. As a new spa owner, there are some steps to put in place to keep your spa maintained regularly. Below are the basic tips you should take to maintain the spa;

1. Always clean the spa filter

In most spa equipment, the spa filter is usually located under the skimmer basket. In this location, there is usually a valve that is used to prevent the water from rushing out when the filter is opened. Some also have a pressure gauge attached to them. The best time to clean the filter is when the water flow is slow or when the water pressure rises to 8-10lbs. If your spa filter has no gauge attached to it, create a regular schedule for cleaning depending on how often you make use of it. An ideal time frame is every four weeks or once a month. It is also best to replace the spa filter yearly after cleaning it 10-12 times.

2. Always clean the spa

Apart from the spa filter, the spa itself needs cleaning regularly. The best way to begin is by draining the water first. Do not use a household soap or cleaning equipment as this might attract unwanted chemicals. Instead, use an authentic spa cleaner. To drain the spa, you can take advantage of a battery operated pool buster vacuum. It is quite fast to use and can quickly suck up all the dirt grains that hide in various corners of the spa. Using a skimmer net, take off all the loose trash that’s left during cleaning.

3. Air-out the spa cover

Twice in a week, remove the spa cover and open it up so it can stay healthy. Use your spa cover lifter to remove it so that it doesn’t get damaged. Expose the spa cover for a few hours to dust off the moisture and heat that it must have absorbed while working. Use the spa cover cleaner to remove all the dirt, oils and other unwanted particles on it.

4. Add fill water

Always add fill water while skimming the spa because if the skimmer sucks in too much air, the pump can become damaged. Make sure that the water level is in the middle of the spa so that it does not overflow. While doing this, ensure that you keep a garden hose on standby to prevent over floating.


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